Environmental Policy

Taica has established an Environmental Policy that takes into account the environmental impact caused by our products during their development, manufacture, sale, and disposal. This includes αGEL (Alpha GEL), αPLA (Alpha PLA), CUBIC, and all other products manufactured and sold by Taica Group companies.

1. Taica complies with all environmental laws and regulations. We also work to improve environmental consciousness in order to foster harmony with the natural environment.

Our environmental activities include:
- Resource and energy conservation
- Waste / emissions reduction and recycling
- Research and development of products with less environmental impact
- Reduction in use of raw materials containing hazardous substances

2. In order to fulfill our Environmental Policy, Taica continuously seeks to lessen our environmental impact by setting quarterly environmental goals.

3. In order to ensure that Environmental Policy is thoroughly adhered to, Taica provides regular environmental education and training to all employees and concerned parties.

4. Taica promotes communication and collaboration with related government agencies and local communities.

5. Taica’s Environmental Policy is open to the public and accessible via the Internet.