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A Message from the COO
Campany Profile
Campany Profile
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Campany Profile

Since its founding, Taica has striven to bring innovative, surprising products to the world market. Our three main products, Alpha Gel, Alpha Pla, and CUBIC PRINTING, are proof of this. These technologies have been adopted around the globe in familiar places, such as sports equipment, stationery goods, electric appliances, automobiles, and more.

Our mission at Taica is to help people live fuller and more satisfying lives. As a part of this mission, we have strived to develop original products to fulfill their needs in unexpected, innovated ways—products which make the impossible, possible. Currently Taica operates all over the world, but to help us develop into a truly global company, we have set three new corporate guidelines: “Smile,” “Think,” and “Challenge.”


Having a smile makes you more approachable and easier to talk to. We feel it to be the basis of all internal and external communication. We advise our employees always to speak honestly with each other and to greet each other with a smile. We believe that all of our employees’ smiles together form a great “corporate smile,” which will stimulate further growth in the future.


No matter how good of a thinker you may be, if you don’t make your thoughts a reality, they are meaningless. Similarly, if you cannot convince people to share your ideas, those ideas have no value. We instruct our employees not only to out-think the competition, but constantly to ask themselves whether their ideas can convince others to believe in them.


There are many ways in which we challenge ourselves every day. We challenge ourselves not to fear failure. We challenge ourselves to search for answers to difficult problems. We challenge ourselves to suppose nothing. We challenge ourselves to face difficulty head-on. At Taica, everyone has a chance to challenge their limits. The guideline of “Challenge” helps remind us to challenge ourselves every day to make a difference.

Taica aims to be a leader in front-line capability, work capacity, and individual ability. I would like each and every one of our employees to remember the three guidelines of “Smile,” “Think,” and “Challenge” and to come together as a single “Team Taica” to reach even greater heights on the global stage. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Suzuki Taito
President and COO
Taica Corporation

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