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熱の問題を柔軟に解決する。GEL 熱の問題を柔軟に解決する。GEL

Alpha GEL Cured-In-Place Gasket (CIPG) is realized with a combination of automated application directed by 3D plotting software and UV curing. We fine-tuned its viscosity and thixotropy to enable extremely precise application. This convenient water and dust proofing solution eliminates the need for molds, thus decreasing process time and reducing labor and other costs.


●Perfectly Adjusted Viscosity and
Alpha GEL CIPG is designed with a perfect balance of material properties both before and after UV curing, making automated, precise application possible. The resulting gaskets are smaller and thinner than standard materials.
●Excellent Water and Dust Proofing
Its elasticity, compressibility, and ability to follow part warpage imparts Alpha GEL CIPG with its superior water and dust proofing functionality. Pass rates in water and dust proofing tests are high, due to low contraction during curing and highly precise automated application.
●Labor Cost Reduction and Improved
Process Efficiency
Automated application eliminates the need for injection molds and assembly processes required by traditional rubber gaskets. This lowers production costs and improves efficiency.
●Reduced Production Time
Thanks to the power of UV curing, Alpha GEL CIPG hardens more quickly than standard moisture curing, reducing process time.
●High Degree of Design Freedom
Automated application allows for a high degree of design freedom, as the extruding head can be programmed to deliver the UV cured gasket anywhere in any shape.

Application Example

Water and dust proofing realized by direct application of a cure-in-place gasket onto the housing. This is facilitated by automated application directed by 3D plotting software and UV curing.


Application in custom shapes (3D)
Automated process
(reduced labor costs)
High production precision
Reduced process time with UV curing
No molds required


With out αGEL

With αGEL

Without αGEL

With αGEL


Electronics & Industry



Gasket (CIPG)
Alpha GEL Cured-In-Place Gasket (CIPG) is applied with an automated system directed by 3D plotting software and cured in place with UV light.
Product Material
TUQ75K Silicone
TUA225K Acrylic

Product Details

Product Details

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