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Alpha GEL Cured-In-Place Gasket (CIPG) is applied with an automated system directed by 3D plotting software and cured in place with UV light. Its elasticity, compressibility, and ability to follow part warpage impart Alpha GEL CIPG with its superior water and dust proofing functionality.

Alpha GEL CIPG is designed with a perfect balance of material properties both before and after UV curing.
Thanks to the power of UV curing, Alpha GEL CIPG hardens more quickly than standard moisture curing, reducing process time.
Automated application eliminates the need for injection molds and assembly processes required by traditional rubber gaskets. This lowers production costs and improves efficiency.
Application Example
CIPG (Cured-In Place Gasket) technology is a state-of-the-art gasket solution using Alpha GEL. It offers excellent waterproofing and dustproofing for smartphones and tables.
Technical Information

[Dynamic viscoelasticity (TUQ75K (silicone) frequency response)]


Product is supplied in a
light-proof bottle.

  • Easy handling and transport.
  • May be transferred into syringes or other containers for customized application.

Product Details

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[Properties of Gasket(CIPG)]

Material unit TUQ75K TUA225K
  Silicone Acrylic
Before UV Curing Appearance Blue Yellow
Initial Viscosity(1[s-1]) Pa・s 370 200
After UV Curing Appearance Blue Milky White
Hardness(Durometer A) 10 10
Hardness(Durometer E) 30 30
Complex Modulus(10Hz G*) Pa 75,000 225,000
Loss Factor(tanδ) 0.3 0.6
Specific Gravity g/cm3 1.05 1.23
Low Molecular Weight Siloxane Level ppm Less than 700
Curing Conditions Irradiation mW/cm2 50~200
Wave Length nm 280~365
UV Curing Amount(Conversion 365nm) mJ/cm2 More than 2,000
Others Compression Ratio % 25~50
Water-proof IP Higher than IPX5/IPX7
Storage Dark Place, 1~10
Packaging Opaque Syringe
Before UV Curing Appearance
Initial Viscosity(1[s-1])
After UV Curing Appearance
(Durometer A)
(Durometer E)
Complex Modulus(10Hz G*)
Loss Factor
Specific Gravity
Low Molecular Weight
Siloxane Level
Curing Conditions Irradiation
Wave Length
UV Curing Amount
(Conversion 365nm)
Others Compression Ratio
unit TUQ75K TUA225K
  Silicone Acrylic
Blue Yellow
Pa・s 370 200
Blue Milky White
10 10
30 30
Pa 75,000 225,000
0.3 0.6
g/cm3 1.05 1.23
ppm Less than 700 -
mW/cm2 50~200
nm 280~365
mJ/cm2 More than 2,000
% 25~50
IP IPX5 / IPX7以上
Dark Place, 1~10
Opaque Syringe

※Silicone oil may bleed depending upon conditions.
※Low molecular siloxane is included in this product which basically composed of silicone.
※Above data are measured data, not guaranteed specifications.

Product Map

Product Material Complex Modulus:G*
Loss Factor:
TUQ75K Silicone 75,000 0.3
TUA225K Acrylic 225,000 0.6


  • ・Due to UV-irradiation in sunlight and fluorescent light, any light exposure will cause the curing reaction of this product to start. Please avoid exposure to outside light and use fluorescent lamps with a UV filter.
  • ・Please refer to the following curing conditions.
  • Curing Conditions Irradiation mW/cm² 50 〜 200
    Wave Length nm 280〜365
    UV Curing Amount
    (Conversion 365nm)
    mJ/cm² More than 2,000
  • ・Please contact us if you have questions about the application process. Please refer to the standard application parameters below.
    ※Application speed: 15 mm/s.

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Needle parameters Gasket cross-section Pressure[MPa]
Pressure→Needle penetration:0.51[mm]
Pressure→Needle penetration:0.79[mm]
Pressure→Needle penetration:1.0[mm]
13G(IDφ1.99 [mm])
Pressure→Needle penetration:1.94[mm]
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