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Alpha GEL helps improve car comfort and safety. It also contributes to new developments in automotive technology, including implementation of automated driving systems. Alpha GEL solutions help increase the pace of innovation.

Navigation System & CID (Center Information Display)

Navigation System & CID
(Center Information Display)

オプティカル ボンディング
When inserted between the cover glass and LCD unit,
OPT Alpha GEL eliminates reflections, creating a clearer and
brighter image.
IC Chips & PCBs
Offers heat dissipation and vibration damping solutions
for PCBs.
Haptic Devices
Alpha GEL’s excellent damping characteristics
control vibrations around actuators

ECU (Electronic Control Unit)

IC Chips & PCB
Offers heat dissipation and vibration damping solutions
for PCBs.
Protects parts from external shock, moisture,
and dust

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)


Alpha GEL ensures high performance of cameras, sensors, and radar.

HUD (Heads-up Display)


Alpha GEL improves accuracy by decreasing vibration.

Lighting (LED Lighting)


Alpha GEL effectively dissipates heat emitted by LEDs.

Dash/Instrument Cluster


All versions of Alpha GEL are well known for their long-term reliability, providing clear and bright images on displays or conducting heat even in the severe conditions found within a car.

Electric Vehicles & EV Batteries


Alpha GEL can provide heat conduction in battery units, water proofing in inverters, noise reduction in fans, and similar functions in any automotive component.

Smart Keys


Alpha GEL protects sensitive parts during falls and also provides water proofing.

エレクトロニクス&インダストリー スポーツ ホーム& オフィス