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One of Alpha GEL’s greatest features is its high capacity for shock absorption. It is used in a large variety of sporting goods, enabling players to reach their full potential, while keeping them safe.

Running (Shoes)

Cushioning Material & Insole
Alpha GEL protects the feet, which are subjected
to impacts equal to three times a person’s body
weight while running.

Bouldering (Mats)

Alpha GEL’s excellent durability and shock absorption
allow mats to be thinner than with standard materials.

American Football (Pads & Helmets)


Pads and helmets with Alpha GEL protect players from heavy impacts.

Soccer (Shin Guards)


Alpha GEL protects players’ shins from injury.

Baseball (Gloves)


Alpha GEL lightens the impact of the ball, making it easier to make a catch.

Cycling (Gloves)


Alpha GEL in the grip reduces vibration and impact from the wheels making for a more comfortable ride.

Golf (Clubs)


Alpha GEL in golf club heads reduces unnecessary force from high repulsion club faces, making strikes feel more comfortable.

Winter Sports (Helmets)


Integrated foam-type GEL improves helmet performance while reducing size.

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