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Technical Glossary Adhesive Strength

[Adhesive Strength]

There are various methods to evaluate adhesive strength.

- 90 and 180 Degrees Peel Test
This test measures the adhesive strength of an adhesive by bonding a strip of the adhesive to the adherend and peeling the adhesive off at a 90 degree or 180 degree angle.
A backing material is required in order to maintain the shape of the adhesive while it is peeled off.

- Shear Test
During this test, adhesive tape of a certain area is applied to the adherend, then the adhesive is peeled off in the shearing direction. Both adhesive strength and the hardness of a material can be obtained from the results of this test, from the maximum value of deformation, and from the shear modulus, respectively.

- Adhesion Test
An adherend is prepared in strips, and an adhesive of a certain area is applied to the adherend. After this, the adhesive is peeled off at a 90 degree angle. Adhesive strength is measured by the maximum value of deformation.
Be aware that the value of adhesive strength changes depending on the adherend used and the amount of time that passes between application of the adhesive and peeling it off.

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