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Technical Glossary Conductivity(dB)

[Conductivity (dB)]

When precision machinery is supported by vibration insulators, the proportion of the base frequency transferred to machinery is called the vibration conductivitytau. A dB value is often used to indicate conductivity.

tau : Vibration conductivity
a0 : Forced displacement of the base (or speed and acceleration)
a : Mechanical displacement (or speed and acceleration)

When, for example, the vibration conductivity (tau) is 2, it is noted in dB as 6 dB.Every time the conductivity is increased 10-fold, the dB value increases by 20; when it is 1/10, the dB value decreases by 20.

(tau-dB conversion chart)

τ dBvalue τ dBvalue
1 0dB 0.5 -6dB
2 6dB 0.1 -20dB
10 20dB 0.01 -40dB
100 40dB
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