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Technical Glossary Cone Penetration

[Cone Penetration]

The complex shear ratio indicates the hardness of a material. It is the elasticity determined when applying (dynamically) sinusoid ally varying force and is a value that will serve as the basis of a vibration insulator design or shock-absorber design.Dynamic elasticity in the direction of compression is indicated by E* (complex compressive elasticity modulus) ; dynamic elasticity in the direction of shearing is indicated by G* (complex shear rate) .
A cone penetration test is a method of measuring the hardness of a material.
Measurement is standardized in JIS K2220; a fixed cone is entered into a test piece to indicate the hardness of a material determined from the length it entered. The cone penetration value is given where 1/10 mm is a cone penetration of 1. Larger numbers mean that a material is more pliable; this method is used to measure materials that are softer than those subject to a needle penetration test.

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