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Technical Glossary Asker C

[Asker C]

Asker C is a measuring device to measure hardness with a durometer (a spring hardness scale) as stipulated in SRIS0101 (SRIS: Society of Rubber Industry [Japan] Standards) .
When a 20 is listed for Asker C in a physical properties chart, this indicates that the value measured with the Asker C hardness scale is 20. In contrast to a needle penetration test or cone penetration test, larger numbers indicate a harder material.
Similar hardness measurement devices include the JIS K6253 durometer (JIS A durometer) and Asker F.
A JIS A durometer is used to measure the hardness of rubber and is the same as a Shore A durometer. Asker C is a hardness scale used to measure materials that are harder than those measured in a needle penetration test and softer than those for a JIS A durometer.

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