While working to realize our corporate philosophy, we at Taica pursue a number of corporate
social responsibility projects in order become a company of true value to our community.

Donating Taica Products to Shimizu Hospital in Shizuoka Prefecture
As a company originally established in Shimizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (currently Shimizu Ward), Taica continues to make donations to Shimizu Hospital. We also provide them with αPLA anti-bedsore mattresses. This is just a small token of our gratitude to all of those who have supported Taica over the years and one way to give back to the local community.
Supporting J.League Soccer Team Shimizu S-PULSE
As a company originally founded in Shimizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Taica is a sponsor of the local J.League soccer team, Shimizu S-Pulse. Taica hopes to show our gratitude to the community that has supported us over the years and to help support local development.
Donating GEL Pens to Cambodian Schools
Cambodia is very important for the production of our shock absorbing αGEL products. In gratitude for the support and understanding the Cambodian people have shown us, and as an expression of support for the future development of the country, we have donated pens and mechanical pencils to all of the children learning in Porsenchai District, to a total of 10,000 items. We hope that each of these pens will help to strengthen the bonds of friendship between Cambodia and Japan, and to help support future elenomic development.
Supporting the Cambodian Bouldering Scene with αGEL
To help supporting the growth of sports culture in the developing world, Taica has donated a state-of-the-art bouldering mat with shock absorbing and durable αGEL to Angkor Climbers Net (ACN) in Cambodia. We also participate as a special cosponsor of national level competitions sponsored by the Cambodia Climbing Federation (CCF). Through our αGEL products, Taica will continue to support the expansion and popularization of bouldering in the country.
Establishing a Women’s Soccer Team in Cambodia
A great majority of the employees at Taica (Cambodia) Corporation, where we manufacture some of our shock absorbing αGEL products, are women. Currently, the Cambodian government is working to promote gender equality throughout the country. Taica has set up a women’s soccer team Taica Soben (“Taica’s Dream”) to help those initiatives along. We hope that these activities will help to improve the overall level of women’s soccer in Cambodia.
Corporate Compliance
Taica maintains a strong commitment to comply with all laws and regulations and to be an ethical and responsible member of the international community. In order to quickly and resolutely deal with compliance infractions, we have set up a contact for internal reporting and consultation regarding legal infringements and are working to prevent issues before they occur. As a part of our robust compliance framework, we have established a Corporate Code of Conduct for all of our employees and executives.
Corporate Governance
Taica maintains an internal control system to achieve transparence and grow as a corporation. In so doing, we strive to gain the trust of our customers, business partners, communities, employees, and other stakeholders. We have established an Internal Control Policy for all employees and executives to follow in the course of their business duties.
Quality Control and Environmental Management
Taica has acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification for our quality management and environmental management systems. Taica strives to provide quality products that both satisfy our customers and are environmentally responsible.